art direction, production and motion design for corporate films, live visuals,
infographics and more …
adobe collection, [after effects, premiere, photoshop, illustrator]
including all that funny plugins
and every tool that lets ideas look great, if digital or analogue, 2d or 3d …

cooperation with director, actor and singer Mattihias Fuhrmeister

cooperation with brandculture / los angeles

atelier für bildbewegung moves to berlin

since 1998
freelance motion designer / art director
atelier für bildbewegung, based in cologne / berlin

selected clients >
actingmedia, berlin – visuals
brandculture, los angeles – vmware, cinedigm, srixon, groovv
cutup, cologne – wolters&kluwer, ard, telekom, vae
die manufaktur, frankfurt – zdf, caterpillar
eberwein pardeike, cologne – super rtl
feedmee, cologne – disney channel, super rtl, ard, mdr
filmbüro görlitz – can do, promo clip
golden claim – Pro Asyl, HateAid, Unicef, medien stiftung nrw, rtl group, ip deutschland
lavafilm, berlin – infographics tv documentation
matthias fuhrmeister – ichglaubenuraneineneinzigengott.hass, supergutman
mediacontact, cologne – bg etem, hannelore kohl stiftung, unfallkassen
meertzfilm, cologne – rheinenergie, bayer ag, henkel, gs1, rockwool
sidedoorhippies, düsseldorf – sebastian, sasson, tpg genf, p&g
tausendhoch3 – jugend.support, bmfsfj
theater aachen – supergutman
vanco/ddb, canada – imagefilm, winter olympics 2006
velvet, munich – mega channel, greece
verytv, cologne – telekom, t-online, german united distributors
3dleuxe, wiesbaden – sim, outbound company

a short but intense period of time employed as
motion designer by cutup gmbh, cologne

self-employed carpenter, workshop collective, cologne

production driver / assistance production manager for tv-productions and film
(colon-film, cologne; avista film, düsseldorf)

student at the fachhochschule köln, fachbereich design,
today kisd, köln international school of design

focused on the technological change from analogue to digital,
especially in motion picture and the way stories are told and produced
(first contact with adobe after effects 3.0)

selected projects:

tv glitch spot, 1995
based on the broadcast design of a tv channel,
I co-produced an animated trailer instead of a still picture
that is normally used

documentary “design im alltag”, 1996
short film about door handles

music videos – from the album “museum“ by rolly brings, 1996
I co-directed and produced two music videos based on paintings of
andy warhol (digital animation, with michael mchreiner)
and georg baselitz (classic stop motion, with karen gulvi scholven)

intermediate diploma “jupp ernst, ein audiovisuelles archiv”, 1998
concept and short documentary about a multidisciplinary designer, artist and author,
an early experiment of an audiovisual and interactive archive

seminar about audiovisual techniques and rhetoric figures in movies, 1999
prof. em. dr. h. c. gui bonsiepe professor for interface design

apprenticeship as carpenter / cologne, interior, traditional furniture

civilian service / cologne

abitur / cologne

born / dortmund

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